Thursday, January 22, 2015

GUI draft


According to the “Plan for Project Completion” I started to design plugin's user interface.
I am not a great designer and I don't want to redo GUI layout over and over. Thus, I've made a playable prototype using QT quick. If you have QT installed, you may download prototype sources from my google drive. Unpack, open Test.pro in QT Creator, run. If you don't like my layout, feel free to change it. Any corrections and  suggestions are welcome. I want the GUI to be nice, clean and easy to use.

I still need to learn how to make standalone QT application, so if you don't use QT, let's check screen shots. The GUI consist of three panels: Video settings, Emulation settings and Texture Enhancement (screen shots are clickable):

Texture enhancement panel has three mouse areas which user can click to open system dialog to select particular parameter:

I could add buttons to open the dialogs. It would be more obvious but less elegant.

Screen shots with dialogs opened:


  • It seems that currently static build of QT does not support QML. I tried hard to make static build of my demo, but failed. Static build of standard QWidget based dialog works fine. So, good bye QML.
  • One of our users, aquatakat, took the sources of my demo and rearranged the layout. The result is very nice: http://imgur.com/a/y9Ol1 I decided to took it as the model for my new QWidget config dialog.
  • I just finished with new GUI layout. I've added all options to the dialog, even the ones which are not implemented yet, like "Anisotropic filtering". Most of tooltips added too. GUI sources are here. Statically linked demo application is here. You can play with controls and see tooltips for them. 
Any corrections and  suggestions are welcome!