Monday, July 6, 2015

Project news


There are not so many important news since the latest Public Release:

  • My attempt to collect more funding for the projects failed. GLideN64 FX collected 66% of the goal. Since project did not reach the goal, GLideN64 FX will not be implemented and collected funds will cover my work on project development during June. My Patreon project got circa 12% of necessary sum, so I closed it before patrons got charged. Thus, project development returns to passive state. Further progress will depend of my load in real life. Other developers activity also may push the project forward.
  • Several issues have been fixed since the last release, both on desktop and mobile platforms. There are several bugs and features in progress, where I did preliminary research and now just need to find time to make proper fix.
  • I go on vacation and I will be mostly offline next two weeks. Thus, I decided to fix current project state as new Public Release:
    Android port is not officially released yet, but you always can get current test build here: