Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Early release.


Time for PC version release is come. All project supporters with perk "Early Release" will get link to archive with the plugin.

The archive contains the following builds:
  • Win32 build for Mupen64Plus emulator. Put the dll file to emulator's folder and setup the emulator to use GLideN64 as graphics plugin. Run any rom. On the first run plugin creates settings section in emulator's configuration file. You may either edit it in text editor, or use one of Mupen64Plus frontends.
  • Win32 build for Zilmar specs emulators: 1964, Mupen64, Project64 and others. Copy dll and ini files to emulator's plugin folder and setup the plugin to use GLideN64 as graphics plugin. Open video settigs configuration dialog and setup it for your taste. Read tooltips for options explanations.
  • Ubuntu64 build for Mupen64Plus emulator. Making working binary distributive for Linux is tricky, so there is no warranty that it will work. Public release of the plugin will be open-source, and then you will be able to build the plugin from sources.
During development I solved literally hundreds of issues. More than hundred is still not fixed. If you want to open new bug report, please check already open issues first.

Public release will be two weeks after the "Early Release", stay tuned. I'm planing to spend these two weeks on code cleanup and preparations to Android port works.

Update: last minute optimization causes problem with saving hires-textures cache files. Hotfix will be uploaded soon. Sorry for inconvenience.