Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Project news. Late Backer Access. WIP screen shots.


Some news about the project:

  • Creative part of the development is finished. New GUI works well. FSAA works well.
  • Circa 25 emulation related issues closed since the New Year beta release.
  • Currently I'm working on frame buffer emulation issues. Proper frame/depth buffer emulation is hardest part for graphics plugin with hardware rendering. The work is very tiresome, the progress is slow. I have to reproduce the result of Glide64 which I reached for years of development in much shorter time. Of course, I'm not limited by target hardware as before, but crazy creative ways of working with FB which N64 games use still can drive me mad.

Again I have to state that I very underestimate the complexity of the task I set for that project. Funds run out and I'm afraid that I'll have to release an incomplete product. However, there is a good news: the Late Backer Access is open again. It will not be open for long, as the project can't last forever. If you want to help me to prolong active development for some time and fix remaining issues, you may do it now.

Here few comparison screen shots "before - now". It's from my current frame buffer emulation work in progress.