Thursday, August 7, 2014

GLideN64 Crowd-funding Campaign Launched on Indiegogo!

Hello! Today me as "Developer" and Olivier Thacker as "Beta test coordinator on a voluntary basis" started crowd funding Campaign on Indiegogo:

The project aims to provide to the public free of charge the most advanced N64 graphics plugin, with the full source code available under GPL. This crowd funding campaign has “all-or-nothing” strategy. I’ll be able to start serious development only if the whole sum will be collected. If campaign failed, all donated funds will be returned to contributors. I call you to support this project, because I really want to bring my work to consummate state.

I want to thank everyone who helped me to prepare that Campaign. Discussions, proofreading, ideas - everything was helpful. My special thanks to Kimberly J. Ortega for tons of text corrections and to Tomasz Ginelli, who made very nice logo for the campaign.

Next important task is to spread information about the campaign on all emulation resources. I count on your help here. Next two weeks I'll be far from home, with only my smartphone on hands and with poor and expensive Internet connection. If you may post this news on your favorite emulation site, please do it.

Suggestions and comments are welcome.

Update: 12 days left to the end of the campaign. 75.5% funded by 100 contributors to this moment. From one side the result is optimistic. From the other side, campaign activity reduced greatly in past few days, and with current rate it hardly will reach 90%. If the goal will not be reached, the campaign will fail completely.

Update 2: I just posted an update about image post filters.

Update 3: $5,535USD (92%) raised of $6,000 goal. 9 days left

Update4: GOOOAL!!!

Update 5: $7030USD raised. 2 days left to reach 8K level.


  1. Congratulations! BTW I work in video post-production, and I think I could whip out a better video. What you need is some side-by-side before/after shots (same sequences preferably) so that people who know less about the current state of N64 emulation could see the difference. You did something like that for 3 games on your Youtube channel, the same should be made for Mario Tennis and all the rest, and then all should be combined into one movie.
    Also a proper intro and outro would not hurt.
    If you have such materials do not hesitate to send them to me (via Dropbox or Wetransfer) and I'll do the the rest. I think that would make a good update;)

    1. That would be great. Unfortunately I have no suitable video materials on my clouds. Thus it can be done only after my return.

    2. Tomasz, please drop me a line on gonetz@ngs dot ru
      I returned to home and ready to provide you with all video materials necessary for a good video, if you haven't change your mind yet.

  2. I recommend searching for an open source license that requires forks to credit you or reference to the original codebase on the interface.

    You may not be aware of this but your project glide64 was forked and renamed, and stripped of your credits by a nortorious emulator developer. This was discovered on the emutalk forums after the developer had also forked and renamed 3 other open source plugins. You can read more about this discovery at emutalk http://tinyurl.com/pcna82q

    Good luck with the crowd-funding.

  3. @VorpalRanch You can choose what ever licence you want, if some peoples want to remove it from the code they "can". It's "just" illegal.

  4. Just curious, if the 6.000 goal won't be reached, what happens with the 5.600, 5.700 (or whatever) that have already been donated? Don't know how this thing works :/