Friday, January 5, 2018

"Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine" crowdfunding campaign


After successful completion of crowdfunding campaign for "Star Wars - Rogue Squadron" people asked us: what about "Indiana Jones" and "Battle for Naboo"? The answer was: these games are in our to-do list. These games also developed by Factor 5, two years after Rogue Squadron. Developers created unique and very complex microcodes, which push N64 hardware to its limits. Decoding and implementation of these microcodes pushes our skills to limits. At the end of November oliveryuyu and me decided to start that work while oliveryuyu's decoding skills are not faded. We worked hard and implemented part of microcode for Indi to the end of last year. This part contains code necessary to run Indiana's intro and menus. It is a proof that we can do that task. However the task is really hard, so we ask for your support again. We started new crowdfunding campaign in Idiegogo:


We want make Indi to run fast and look better than it currently looks in LLE mode. We will do our best to implement microcode for "Battle for Naboo" as well.

I have a request for GLideN64 users: I don't have accounts in social networks. Please help me to spread information about this campaign.

Update: The result after three weeks of the campaign: 14 backers, 60% of the goal. I did not expect that this long expecting work will get so low support. This campaign has fixed goal, which means "all or nothing". If campaign will fail, we will get nothing. It is kinda discouraging.
Anyway, yesterday we got another prove that the task can be completed. Here WIP screen shots from in-game:

Update 2: The campaign funded. Big thanks to all backers! Track the progress on campaign page:


  1. Hi :).
    I got running Indiana Jones 64 with Parallel (RetroArch) and Vulkan activated :