Monday, November 28, 2016

New Public Release. Part IV

Hello again.

Lets continue our excursion. Today it will be short. We will learn, what is new in

Texture Enhancement

As you know, GLideN64 adopted texture enhancement library from Glide64 project. Original library, GlideHQ, created by Hiroshi Morii aka KoolSmoky. It was ported to GlideN64 as GLideNHQ. I refactored some code, removed texture compression from original code, add support for OpenGL formats, add support for new filter xBRZ. GLideNHQ evolution continued after release of 1.2
New features:

  • Updated xBRZ filter with up to 6xBRZ
  • Decrease color banding. New feature made by user request. When enabled, texture passes some pre-processing step, which reduces color banding in resulted filtered texture. Details in feature request #826.
Regarding texture packs: I made several fixes in that code, but all the functionality remained the same as with version 1.2 Font selection controls for on screen messages moved to new tab "On screen display", which will be introduced later.

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