Tuesday, July 4, 2017

"Star Wars - Rogue Squadron" crowdfunding campaign.


Today top news is start of "Star Wars - Rogue Squadron" crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo:


Few months ago olivieryuyu and me started to work on decoding and HLE implementation of this game ucode. We spent many time and we got several good results. The task is really hard. I need your support and encouragement to complete it. This demo video shows current state of the project:

We want it to run fast and look as good as in LLE mode or better.

I have a request for GLideN64 users: I don't have accounts in social networks. Please help me to spread information about this campaign.

Update: The campaign reached the goal. Currently $625 USD raised by 25 backers. Thanks to all backers for the support! Alpha-build of the project is sent to all backers. Since the campaign is already successful, I'm continuing to work on the task. I hope, next alpha will show much more graphics.

Update 2: We just finished implementation of microcode command, which generates all terrain polygons in that game. Alpha build is sent to backers. Demo video:



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