Saturday, July 22, 2017

Hey You, Pikachu!


"Hey You, Pikachu!" is a funny game in 'virtual pet' genre. It can run with emulators, but you need to have original N64 hardware, which comes with that game: Voice Recognition Unit (VRU) and microphone. Also you need an adapter to attach that device to PC. You can't control your pet without that device. However, you can load the game with emulator without VRU attached. When you run the game with GLideN64 in HLE mode, you noticed various graphics glitches:

olivieryuyu has analyzed microcode for this game and found, that it is custom microcode named F3DAM. It is modification of standard F3DEX2 microcode. Besides voice-recognition specific code, it has modifications related to texture coordinates calculation and fog calculation. These differences causes the issues you can see on screen shots above. olivieryuyu decoded these modifications, I implemented them. All microcode-specific problems  gone:

If you don't have VRU device, but want to see how GLideN64 emulates this game: Daniel Eck made nice two hours translation of gameplay on twitch:

If you want to support my work:

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