Friday, August 11, 2017

Star Wars - Rogue Squadron HLE - finished.


crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo finished:


Since the campaign reached the goal soon after start, the works started immediately. Now the task is completed: Star Wars - Rogue Squadron is fully playable in HLE mode.

Progress story:

 Final demo video:

As usual, you may download WIP build from GitHub.

If you want to support my work:


  1. What you guys did here is so cool. Many peoples ask about it but it looks like you never answer: Does this will also open an oportunity to beat Battle of Naboo in HLE?

    Thanks in advance!


  2. Please gonetz, do the same with '' Battle of Naboo '' '' Indiana Jones '' 8,8'2 Vigilante, you'll have my support every month, I'm sure you'll get the support you need to be able to complete the task of emulating These 3 games as well as was the '' RS '' congratulations for the work, it was excellent! Good vacation ! I'm hoping you'll come back and continue the other projects. A hug !

    1. the gauntlet legends is a good challenge too!

  3. "Battle of Naboo" and "Indiana Jones" are in todo list. olivieryuyu already started investigation of ucodes for these games.

    Vigilante is another story. These games use standard ucode, but they are technically hard to emulate. They are in todo list too, but not on top.

  4. The gauntlet legends is also investigated, so progress is possible.